Molly Schlemer: I can tell Orlando is always looking out for my best interest. Whenever I need him he is there and that is very comforting while living thousands of miles away from home. He believes in the abilities you can bring to the table and genuinely cares about your success as a player.

Talia Caldwell: As a player agent, representative and attorney at law, Orlando is the ultimate professional. Orlando knows the game of basketball. He is observant and diligent in understanding and appreciating your skill set as a player. Because of this he is able to properly market you to teams domestically and abroad. Orlando is dedicated to finding the best opportunities for his players. Most importantly, he is readily available and accessible for any of your needs. He treats his clients with the utmost respect and care. I love that I am able to trust him as a person, agent and attorney.

Joslyn Tinkle: Orlando has been great to work with. He is easy to communicate with and has always been there when I needed him. He genuinely cares about me as a player as well as a person and making sure I am happy on and off the court. Orlando is good at what he does and is invested in finding me a situation where I am able to showcase my abilities amongst great competition.

Mikaela Ruef: Orlando is wonderful to work with. He's easy to get a hold of when I need him and always gets back with me quickly. More importantly, I feel like he believes in my abilities as a player and cares about finding me a club to play with where I fit in well and can use my full skill set.