Contract Negotiation

Mr. Castaño is licensed by the NFLPA, the WNBPA, FIBA, and the California State Bar, and able to negotiate any and all contracts for you.  With nearly 25 years of legal experience, he is well versed in the art of negotiating material deal points in favor of his clients.  Any agent may negotiate a deal, but an experienced attorney is who knows how to draft an agreement that will protect the client when things go bad between the parties.

Draft Preparation & Training

We assist in pre-draft training and preparation to ensure you are not only prepared to be a professional athlete but get drafted as high as possible. No one focuses more time, attention or energy on the individual player than 4front Sports. With our vast network of contacts across the country, we can assist the Athlete in whatever he or she needs.

Legal Services

With nearly 25 years of litigation experience, there is almost no subject or matter that we cannot handle.  Mr. Castaño is a practicing attorney that handles Business & Civil Litigation matters, Criminal Defense, and Sports Law.  His consultations are made available to his clients and no additional costs.  Most legal matters are handled at no extra costs to the client as part of the package of being a 4front Sport client.  If he cannot handle the subject matter, or it’s venued in another State, he can and will assist in obtaining proper representation for your own individual needs.

Appearances / Speaking Engagements

You are now a Professional Athlete, and building your brand and image is important to sustaining a post-playing career. 4front Sports has developed relationships with various appearance companies, such as Thuzio and If Only, to help promote your image to the community.  We will work closely with your team’s community relations and sponsorship departments to seek opportunities that will help build your brand and image.

Athlete Marketing & Endorsements

Some matters are handled in-house, like standard shoe and trading card deals, and others by a true athlete-marketing firm, including collectibles and memorabilia.  We will assist in finding the right athlete-marketing company that will be the right fit.  Over the years, Mr. Castaño, has been retained as an attorney to draft agreements for appearance and endorsement agreements for various athletes like Jerome Bettis, Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders, Ray Lewis, Andrew Wiggins, and Joakim Noah. He has personally negotiated deals with Nike, Adidas, EA Sports and Reebok.

Career Counseling & Management

Throughout your playing career, you will meet with Mr. Castaño to go over what your plans are once you are done playing.  He will assist in networking with people in your field of interest and make introductions, constantly looking for people and events that tie into your post-playing career. 4front Sports has been very successful in placing its athletes and working toward their professional and future goals. We look forward to assisting you in living your professional dreams and welcome questions, comments and suggestions from you and your family.